Business Interruption Insurance Claims Help

Business Interruption Insurance Claims Help

Business Interruption Claims Help & Assistance

Making a business interruption claim can seem daunting. You may not have much experience dealing with business interruption claims and may need the help of an expert. Public Loss Adjusters can help with your BI Claims. They are a highly experienced firm of independent loss adjusters who work on behalf of the public. Working exclusively for policyholders, they make sure their clients receive everything that they entitled to.

Indemnity Period and Material Damage Proviso

Before you take out business interruption insurance you should know that most of these polices include a material damage proviso. This states there must be some physical damage to the premises for an insurer to cover your loss of income.

You must also choose your maximum indemnity period; this is a set time period that your insurer will cover your loss of income for. You can usually choose from 12, 24 or 36 months. You need to think of a realistic time for your business to recover. However, the longer the maximum indemnity period is the higher the premiums will be.

Professional Help with Business Interruption Claims

Business Interuption Claims HelpBy appointing Public Loss Adjusters to handle your business interruption claim, you’ll have access to expert loss adjusters and accountants. They work tirelessly to ensure your claim is as strong as possible.

During a business interruption claim you will need to gather a lot of evidence to prove your loss of income. This includes trading history and detailed accounts of profit a loss for at least 3 years prior to the accident.

Public Loss Adjusters can assist with all aspects of your business interruption claim. This includes gathering all relevant business inforamtion so they can also accurately calculate your loss of income.

When the time comes to negotiate your final settlement, Public Loss Adjusters will ensure you receive 100% of your entitlement.

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